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North Carolina Family Law Links

The resources below provide a sampling of official state and county government/court websites that divorce attorneys sometimes use when representing clients in family law cases involving claims like child custody, divorce, equitable distribution, and alimony.

While North Carolina family law is based on a body of state statutes and appellate court decisions, each county in North Carolina has its own court rules, forms, and procedures that can often be found on the local courts’ websites.

The information and forms provided on these websites cannot take the place of competent legal representation. Experienced family law attorneys in understand these resources have their own limitations and merely supplement their understanding of the law, local rules, and procedures.

North Carolina: Statewide Legal Resources

North Carolina General Statutes

North Carolina divorce law begins with the North Carolina General Statutes. This link will take you to the Table of Contents for all state statutes. While the laws relating to most family law matters will generally be found under Chapter 50, certain family law issues require the application of statutes in other chapters such as Chapter 7B (juvenile), Chapter 48 (adoptions), Chapter 50A (interstate custody), and others. When a case is in litigation (pending in court before a judge), the civil procedure statutes under Chapter 1A (the “Rules of Civil Procedure”) become extremely important and have the potential to determine the outcome of your case.

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Winston Salem Divorce Resources

Forsyth County Local Rules and Forms

Local rules and forms for courts in Winston Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina, can be found here. This is a helpful resource that includes forms like calendar requests, financial standing affidavits, employer wage affidavit, a motion to waive child custody mediation, as well as many others.

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Lexington and Thomasville Divorce Resources

Davidson County Local Rules and Forms

Local rules and forms for courts in Davidson County, North Carolina, can be found here. This is divorce resource includes forms like calendar requests, affidavits, administrative orders, as well as many others papers.

To contact court personnel in Davidson County, visit the courthouse’s contact directory.

Davidson County, North Carolina Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds Office’s website is a good resource to find and obtain information relevant to various divorce matters, particularly equitable distribution.

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Experienced Family Law Attorney Provides Value

High Quality Representation in Winston Salem, North Carolina

High quality representation begins with experience but requires a variety of other qualities, traits, and skills. A good divorce lawyer will care about you and your case and will take pride in putting in the work necessary to protect your interests and obtain exceptional results.

Responsive & Reliable

Family law attorneys are busy, but they should never be too busy for your case. Your case is important and deserves proactive attention. Your calls and emails should be returned within a reasonable amount of time. Questions should be answered and concerns should be addressed.

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